Gunsmithing Pricing

General Gunsmith Services
1/2 hr minimum charge
General Cleaning
field strip
Detailed Cleaning
full disassembly
Starting at $45
Drill and Tap $25 Per Hole
RMR Cuts Starting at $125
Mount and Boresight
free with scope or rifle purchase
Sling Stud Installation Starting at $25


Cerakote, Long Guns

one color

Cerakote, Handguns
one color
Service fee (disassembly, reassembly, and cleaning)
$25 per additional color
$35 per additional color on patterns
AR-15 Lower Assembly $55
AR-15 Upper Assembly $35


Revolver Trigger Work

Starting at $50
1911 Trigger Work Starting at $75
Striker fired trigger installation $50

** Prices are for gunsmith time.  They do not include parts or supplies.