How To Get A Suppressor With The Armory At LTT


  • We have partnered with Silencer Shop and made the buying process simple. You can now receive your suppressor in as little as 90 days.


  • Stop by our store and check out our largest selection of in stock Suppressors or go to our online store at Typically ordering a suppressor from our online store takes 3-4 weeks longer due to transfers and processing. If you are using our online store: Choose your suppressor. Add them to your cart and include a tax stamp for each item. You'll select the way you'd like to register: Individual, Trust, or Corporation. We'd be glad to answer any questions: please note, the Single Shot Trust is the most common, low-cost and versatile trust.


  • Visit a our Silencer Shop kiosk: In 5 minutes, your fingerprint scan and demographic information will be integrated into your Silencer Shop profile. This information will be saved for you to use in the future: after this initial visit, you'll never need to visit a kiosk again.


  • Add a photo to your Silencer Shop profile: Snap a selfie (similar to a passport photo) on your smartphone and upload it using the Silencer Shop app or email it to


  • Sign the DocuSign: Silencer Shop will email a DocuSign to you Please review and digitally sign the file from your computer or smartphone.


  • Create an ATF Forms account: Register for your ATF eForms account at Forms is the submission process for submitting your electronic Form 4 ("Form 4") to the ATF.Ready to Certify, ATF Submission & Approval: You'll receive an email from Silencer Shop that says "Ready to Certify" and includes our phone number. Please contact us to set a time to submit your application to the ATF. After the submission, you'll get an email from the ATF with the status "Submitted." In an expected 90 days, you'll receive another email from the ATF with a status update. When it's approved, you can stop by and get your suppressor from us.